Manual Gua Sha Stone and Facial Roller Massage Set for Women’s Skincare


  • Two-Roller Face Roller Massager that is Silky Smooth (large and small).
  • It can be used to massage your face, neck, back, shoulders, legs, and feet.
  • It’s crafted with all-natural, safe components that are actually good for your skin.
  • The gentle, non-abrasive texture is perfect for massaging sensitive skin.
  • Helps release tension in the face as it rolls over the area.
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Your new skincare must-have, the Smooth Facial Roller Massage Set, relaxes facial muscles.
You can rest with two rollers—one for your face and one for your delicate eye area.
It also massages your neck, back, shoulders, legs, and feet for a full-body massage.
This roller is a great complement to your skincare routine and is made of non-toxic, natural components.
The rollers’ silky texture prevents skin damage, making them safe and easy to use daily.
Why wait? Relax with the Smooth Facial Roller and Massager.

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